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Dino-Lite Full Brochure


Dino-Lite Medical Brochure


DinoCapture 2.0 Manual
(Windows users)


DinoXcope Manual
(Mac users)













Mac O/S Compatibility


7013 & 7023 5MP System Requirements



Download the latest Software

Please click here to visit the Dino-Lite Worldwide portal and to obtain the most up to date software versions for both Windows and Mac O/S.

FAQ and Self-Help

The Dino-Lite FAQ is available on the Dino-Lite Europe website, please click here. Should you not be able to find the information you require, or have any questions concerning the information provided, please contact us directly so that we may assist you personally.

Model Advice

For pre-sales advice on which model is most appropriate for you application please contact us via telephone, email or alternatively using the dedicated model advice form which can be found here.

Product Support

If you are experiencing problems with your Dino-Lite please contact us via telephone, email or alternatively using the dedicated product support form below.

When submitting your support inquiry please provide as many details as possible, this will help us provide you with a quick solution. Examples of information that can be especially useful:

  • If you have an error message, what is the exact error message on your screen?
  • When did the problem occur, what was the specific action being performed at the time of the error?
  • What is the full version number of the software being used (found in Help->About)?

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